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The outdoors, sunshine and fresh air.

The adventure on each ride as we wind through pine forests, over historic volcanic rock, or below the towering Southern Alps. The freedom we feel on each ride as the stresses of work and life are long forgotten for at least a short time. The challenge, both physical and mental of a trail and a chance to overcome those doubts and demons. The friendships that grow when friends and family ride each day. The memories of the epic days and rides that we never forget.

This is why we ride and this is why Epicentre Mountain Bike Hire exists. We provide a service that helps you experience all this as well.

We bring 13 years of tourism experience providing cycling holidays in Europe and Australia, and a lifetime of riding road bikes and mountain bikes. Together we have competed in adventure sport races, multi sport races, mountain bike races and raced on velodromes, all at an elite level.

We love bikes. We are passionate about cycling and we are passionate about Canterbury.

Let us help you engage with the outdoors, create that adventure, feel that freedom, challenge yourself, grow great friendships and create epic memories.

Richard and Corrina Scott.