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Terms and Conditions

I acknowledge, understand and agree that: Answer yes if you agree.

Epicentre Mountain Biking Terms and Conditions:

1. Payments and Cancellations:

1.1 All bookings must be paid for at the time of booking or if a group of 6 or more payment will be made as per any agreement made with Epicentre Mountain Biking

1.2 Cancellation outside 7 days from start of hire/package: 80 percent of your total payment will be refunded into a New Zealand bank account provided by the customer. If an overseas bank account is to be used then 80 percent of the total will be paid less any applicable overseas bank transfer charges.

1.3 Cancellations within 7 days from start of the hire/package. No refund given.

2.0 Bonds:

2.1 At the time of hiring a bike or booking a package the customer must provide a credit card or debit card to a Epicentre Mountain Biking representative at the time a bike is provided. A bond of nz$500 per bike is held on the card until the bike is returned undamaged.

2.2 The customer must also provide a legitimate form of photographic ID such as a driver licence or Passport. at the time of collection.

3.0 Late Returns:

3.1 An extra full days hire of the bike will be charged for bikes not returned at the due time and a full days hire will be charged for all consecutive days after that date.

3.2 No refunds are given for the early return of a bike.

3.3 The customer will be responsible for any extra costs incurred in recovering a bike that has not been returned.

3.4 If the late return of a bike was part of a group the person who made the original booking and payment will be responsible for all damage costs, or costs incurred in recovering a bike that was not returned.

4.0 Insurances:

4.1 Damage caused by reckless or dangerous riding or damage caused by any race or competitive situation, i agree to pay all costs to epicentre cycling up to full replacement value which is deemed by Epicentre Cyclingto not be normal wear and tear including without limitation damage to components, derailleur, shifters, rims/wheels, saddles, handlebars,frame/fork, helmets, clothing or other accessories.

4.2  Pay $1000 insurance excess per bike for accidental damage or theft of any bike payable to epicentre cycling

5.0 Age Limitations:

5.1 Persons under the age of 17 who wish to hire a bike/purchase a package must be accompanied by an adult 17 years of age or more whom can take full responsibility and abide by the T+C’s.

6.0 Customer Liability:

6.1 I shall assume liability for any and all damage or loss of personal property, accident, injury to other persons related to the hired equipment.

7.0 General Conditions:

7.1 I understand that NZ law states an approved cycle helmet must be worn at all times while cycling anywhere in New Zealand.

7.2 I understand that when riding on public roads in New Zealand I must keep left at all times.

7.3 I understand when riding off road I must keep to marked tracks and when signage states the track is shared with walkers then riders must give way to walkers and respect other track users.

7.4 I understand I must take all rubbish with me or place into designated rubbish bins.

7.5 I agree I must pay any compensation to Epicentre Mountain Biking for any damage to any or all items hired from Epicentre Mountain Biking.

7.6 I agree there is an accepted risk with cycling off road and on and will take full responsibility for my own safety. I understand I need to ride to my ability and note track difficulty ratings before using tracks.

7.7. I agree to provide an emergency contact person name, address and phone number prior to the start of the hire/package period and agree this person can be contacted by Epicentre Mountain Biking or any other emergency services in the event of an incident resulting in serious injury, or failure to return.

7.8. I agree to supply “ride intentions” at the time I receive my bike./package These intentions outline ride plans for the day/days, and what tracks I intend to ride and will be given to a Epicentre Mountain Biking representative.

7.9 I am physically fit and there are no medical conditions that will prevent me from participating in any cycling activity.

8.0 In the event of a medical emergency Epicentre Mountain Biking is not responsible for any costs incurred for engaging any emergency service.

8.1 I hear by release Epic Centre Mountain Biking and its agents and employees from and against any and all liability arising during the rental period/package period. I acknowledge that I am aware of the risks involved with cycling and mountain biking including but not limited to physical exertion, forces of nature, accidents, travel via any mode of transport, adequacy of medical facilities or negligence other than willful or fraudulent on the part of Epic Centre Mountain Biking, employees, agents of others.

8.3 I agree the New Zealand laws apply. That this contract is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of New Zealand Courts and this release is binding on my family, heirs and legal assigns and on my administrators and/or executors.

8.4 I have had sufficient opportunity to read this release of liability and assumption of risk agreement,fully understand its terms, understand that  i have given up substantial rights by agreeing to it and agree to it freely and voluntarily without inducement of any kind and intend it to be a complete and unconditional release of all liability to the greatest extent allowed by the governing law and agree that if any portion of this agreement is held to be invalid that the balance, notwithstanding,shall continue in full force and effect.